Outriders: Pyromancer Eraser Build

Outriders: Pyromancer Eraser Build

After tons of testing and trying to make speed runs even faster, I came up with the Pyromancer Eraser build. This new setup has almost no defense and relies on erasing enemies ASAP and Skill Leech to top off your health. It’s incredibly hard to play but extremely rewarding.

While the Skill Tree looks strange, the largest benefits come from 25% Trial of the Ashes (10%+15%), Ashes to Ashes (Vulnerable), and of course, Hot Situation. A bit of resistance pierce by way of Conflagration helps too. Survivability comes from killing enemies quickly but the nodes in the mid tree give HP and some additional Skill Leech. Don’t forget to get as much Skill Leech as you can for your Epic filler pieces… you’ll need it!

You can also opt for bottom tree to spend your extra points while still working your way to Wildfire, but your survivability is going to take a hit. See what works best for you!

As of posting, this build holds the world records on Boom Town and Chem Plant by a large margin… though I’m sure many of you hardcore gamers are ready to go out and crush that time! Give it a try… and break those records!

If you are going for casual (but brisk) runs, don’t play Eraser. It’s too volatile! Try Obliterator 2.0 with a bit of defense as an alternative.

Note: Don’t forget to right-click “Open Image in New Tab” to see the best quality image.


Here’s a video of The Eraser in action!