Outriders: Pyromancer Obliterator Build

Outriders: Pyromancer Obliterator Build

Since Outriders has combat, we are all about it! The Obliterator Build was created and fine-tuned by many contributors across the official Outriders Discord (Pyromancer channel) and the secondary Pyromancer sub-Discord. At the time of posting, it’s been used to create numerous ridiculous clear times on Boomtown and Chem Lab (and others).

The foundation was built off an initial idea by NetQvist and then Marcentus switched out Thermal Bomb for Ash Blast to better aid his speed run attempts. We believe there is even more fine-tuning that can be done to reach sub 3:00 times on Boom.

As of 05.03.2021, I’ve done some more work on it to really fine tune it into a crushing mashing!

Credits to Marcentus, Archy, Onelove, and tragic. More to come!

Note: Don’t forget to right-click “Open Image in New Tab” to see the best quality image.