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Pyromancer Double World Record Runs

May 8, 2021 Off By tragic

Since my time with Outriders is winding down, I had to leave on a good note. Using the Eraser Build, I set a new World Record speed run time on both Boom Town and Chem Plant. Thanks to the inspiration and rivalries of the Outriders community. I would have never gone as fast had you not pushed me!

Both runs were done using the Eraser build and I’ve linked both runs on the build explanation patch. Good luck to those running it in the future. I know both records can (and will) be broken. I look forward to watching it!

Outriders: Pyromancer Eraser Build

May 3, 2021 Off By tragic
After tons of testing and trying to make speed runs even faster, I came up with the Pyromancer Eraser build. This new setup has almost no defense and relies on erasing enemies ASAP and Skill Leech to top off your health. It's incredibly hard to play but extremely rewarding. While the Skill Tree looks strange,...

Outriders: Pyromancer Obliterator Build

April 18, 2021 Off By tragic
Since Outriders has combat, we are all about it! The Obliterator Build was created and fine-tuned by many contributors across the official Outriders Discord (Pyromancer channel) and the secondary Pyromancer sub-Discord. At the time of posting, it's been used to create numerous ridiculous clear times on Boomtown and Chem Lab (and others). The foundation was...