SFV: Stylish Ed Punish Combos & Breakdown

Here is is, the long-awaited Insanely Stylish Ed Punishes combo video and complete breakdown. We are trying something new with the point-by-point dissection of the combos to see if players are interested in this sort of content. Hopefully it helps you learn each of these combos which, in turn, inspire you to come up with even better combos.

Show us what you’ve got!!!


COMBO #1: vs Juri

This combo isn’t one of the harder ones in the video, but it does have a couple of tricky parts back to back to back that require a bit of practice. It’s not the most damage you can get on Juri either, but it’s a very stylish combo to open the video with even if it is the lowest damage of the bunch!

(After Blocked DP)
CC c.HP > VT1, dash, backdash, d+VS1(H), dash x2, wait, microwalk, delay [HP], empty jump, d+VS1(H), PP > SUPER
476 DAMAGE / 437 STUN

Double dash, d+VS1(H). No problem.

After the CC c.HP > VT1, double dash to get into position for the d+VS1(H). The second dash will be a backdash so prepare for slightly slower recovery.

Then prepare for the tricky stuff!






Multiple tricky elements.

After the d+VS1(H), immediately double dash to push Juri out of the ball After the pop up, wait, then walk forward as the ball hits once more and delay your Psycho Knuckle.

1-hit Cannon might take you a few tries!






Empty jump (don’t press anything!).

After the pop up, immediately empty jump. Don’t press anything until you land and the ball hits. Transition to d+VS1(H) and finish!

You can also finish this combo with Knuckle, Flicker > Super!







COMBO #2: vs Ken

This combo is more style than substance. There are other alternatives that are easier, but we wanted to spice things up. It’s probably the easiest combo in the entire video, so if there’s one you want to learn just to style, this is it!

(After Blocked DP)
uf.MP, VT1, dash, uf.MP, MK (whiff), backdash, [HP], Flicker > SUPER
485 DAMAGE / 429 STUN

Slightly delay your j.MP.

After the CC c.HP, jump up and delay your MP slightly. This will give you the best chance at forcing them to land in your VT1 at just the right spot allowing you to push them out.

You want them to land slightly in front (not on top).






j.MP on the upward arc!

After landing, immediately dash once and then jump to push them out of the ball and j.MP. If you hit j.MP early, you don’t even need to MK – you can just walk forward (under them) and they will get hit!

Land, backdash, and delay Knuckle. The rest is easy-mode!






COMBO #3: vs Kage

This combo looks pretty easy, and for the most part it is. However, the initial MP, HP link requires frame-perfect timing (you must release the HP button at the right time to make it 10f instead of 11. If you do it wrong, it becomes 12f!). There are variants you can do for similar damage and less complexity, but this just looks too cool to pass up!

(After Jumping 2nd part of DP)
[HP], MP, HP > VT1, dash, microwalk, MP, c.MP, uf.MP, [HP],  dash under, d+VS1(H), PP > SUPER
559 DAMAGE / 581 STUN

This link is hard for no reason!

After jumping the second part of Kage’s EX DP (like a boss), immediately Knuckle and then go for the tricky MP to HP link. You have to release HP just right!

Once you cancel into VT, the fun begins!






For best results, microwalk after the dash!

Once VT1 is out, dash after and follow with a short microwalk before MP. You need to push them away from the ball just a bit.  Combo c.MP and the opponent will pop up!

Learning the microwalk is the trickiest part here.






j.MP on the way down to give you time for Knuckle.

To properly get the pop up off Knuckle, you want to hit the j.MP on the way down. This pushes them out but also gives you enough time to land and charge the Knuckle.

After the pop up, dash under, d+VS1(H) and finish!






COMBO #4: vs Cammy

Now here is one of the ridiculous combos. It looks easy but it has a lot of moving parts that you can fail on, all the way up to the ender. I don’t recommend this one for match play, but it might have some elements to spark your own ideas! The most important part is the ender. Getting the Psycho Upper to hit right before the ball allows you to hit Flicker > Super after. WTF!

(After Blocked DP)
VT1, empty jump, microwalk, [HP], dash under, u.MP, dash x2, walk back, PP, Flicker > SUPER
566 DAMAGE / 576 STUN

Empty jump into Microwalk at 4-hits.

Activate VT1 immediately, then empty jump forward. The moment you land, microwalk to push them out of the ball at 4 hits and start charging the Knuckle.

Time that Knuckle just right for the pop up!






Every pixel counts here. j.MP at peak, double dash!

After the Knuckle hits, dash back towards the ball and then neutral jump MP at the peak. As soon as you land, start dashing (you are going to need 2 for the next part!).

If you get the final pop up, the end is near!






Walk back, PP (ball hits), Flicker. WOW!

The trickiest part of the combo is the ender. Not only do you have to find the spacing, but you need perfect timing for the PP to hit right before the ball hits.

Do it right, and Flicker combos after. NOICE!






COMBO #5: vs Karin

This combo is actually practical in a match. There are only a couple tricky parts you need to be aware of. It’s a fun one to try because if you mess it up at either part, you still get a damaging combo (you’ll just have to adjust to an easy follow-up when you notice you pushed them into the ball on accident).

(After Point-Blank Blocked DP)
VT1, microwalk backwards, CC HK, micro walk, c.MK > PP,  uf.MP, [HP], Flicker > SUPER
571 DAMAGE / 623 STUN

Microwalk back before HK (tricky timing!).

After point-blank DP, microwalk back and CC HK. Then creep forward so you can c.MK > PP which will bounce them into the ball for an easy follow-up.

There’s not much more to this one!






COMBO #6: vs Ryu

Here’s where the combos start to blend a bit of extra difficulty with style. One of the hardest parts of the combo is the very beginning. Getting the MP, microwalk, MP, HP link is a tough job, especially consistently in a match. The rest is mostly style, but since the combo is front-loaded on difficulty, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to try!

(After Blocked DP)
[HP], MP, MP, HP > f+VT1, uf.HP,  uf.MP, dash, d+VS1(H), PP > SUPER
579 DAMAGE / 608 STUN

A harder variant of MP, HP link. Why?!

After the blocked DP, immediately Knuckle. From there, you have to magically link MP, microwalk MP, into the special 10f HP (perfect release) and cancel to f+VT1.

If you get that far, the hard part is done!






Jump HP pop up (makes sense), instant uf.MP, dash…

Once f+VT1 is out, jump HP to pop them up. Try LK if HP isn’t working for you.. As soon as you land, quickly jump uf.MP, land, and dash to push them into the ball!

Immediate d+VS1(H) and finish!






COMBO #7: vs Seth

This one is the hardest combo of the group. There are so many places to mess up, and so many precise microwalks and timings that you’ll never see this in a real match. However, it may be the coolest combo for Ed to date (hopefully cooler ones to come). Practice it just to learn each element and it may inspire you to come up with something even crazier!

(After Blocked DP)
VT1, PP, dash, microwalk, [HP], dash under, d+VS1(H), PP, dash, [HP], Flicker > SUPER
675 DAMAGE / 699 STUN

Microwalk + perfect timing is key!

After instant VT1, microwalk into PP. You want to catch them perfectly with the Psycho Upper. Dash into microwalk to push them out at 5 hits. Start charging Knuckle!

1-hit Knuckle and you are 2/3rds done!






Keeping them on the same side is tricky!

After the 1-hit Knuckle, dash back under and microwalk away from the ball and immediately d+VS1(H). If you do it right, Seth falls in front (and doesn’t land in ball).

A simple Psycho Knuckle for the follow-up.






The easy stuff at the end. Let’s go!

Right after the PP, follow the Psycho Upper with a dash into Knuckle, Flicker > Super. If you get this far, you are basically home free. Almost time to celebrate.







COMBO #8: vs Akuma

Ed’s “700 Club” DP punish is here! Surprisingly not the hardest on the list, but still pretty challenging. It utilizes the @jav1ts setup (whiff MK) to allow Ed to score a counter-hit PP before the ball starts juggling. This is where a lot of the extra damage comes from. With practice, this combo is actually possible in a match though you have to be 100% on your game. THE DMG!

(After Blocked DP 1st part)
MK (whiff), VT1, PP, dash, , dash x2, MK (whiff), [HP], dash under, microwalk back, PP,  d+VS1(H), PP > SUPER
706 DAMAGE / 688 STUN

This is the sequence you should practice most!

The @jav1ts setup using MK to go behind Akuma. You can delay slightly before hitting MK. Once behind, immediately activate VT1 and PP! Look for a high/front landing on ball.

First part down. What’s next?!






Dash x2, MK for position. You can also c.MP.

After the Psycho Knuckle, dash x2 to push them out of the ball. Whiffing MK will get you in position for the 1-hit, so get ready to start charging Knuckle.

If you get the pop up, IT’S ON!






The dash into microwalk is the tricky part!

After the Knuckle, dash under, microwalk back, then PP. If you time it right, they will land right on the front of the ball. From here, dash into d+VS1(H).