SFV: Ed Guide 3.0 Fully Updated!!!

March 11, 2021 Off By tragic
We finally did it! The SFV Ed Guide has been fully updated for Patch 6.003. It comes complete with new combos, new tech, and lots of videos to help you get started with Ed and even remind you of class tech! Hopefully you can learn something new about Ed, or if you are new to the character, start off on the right foot!

SFV: Ed Twitter Tech Compilation 1.0

March 9, 2021 Off By tragic

With Ed buffs/changes come new options. We’ve collected all of our recent twitter tech clips into one place so you don’t have to go scrolling through a timeline to find it. As we find new stuff, we will add it to the post for easy viewing!

GG Strive: Chipp Beta Tech Compilation

March 7, 2021 Off By tragic

Here’s a compilation of all the Fight Element Chipp Tech from the most recent Open Beta! Don’t forget to click on the image above or SEE ALL TECH below to see all the juice!!

Fight Element 2.0 Reloaded!

March 5, 2021 Off By tragic
A fresh coat of paint, some new content, and awesome games on the horizon... it's time for Fight Element 2.0! We look forward to creating and highlight the coolest tech we can find for a variety of games! We are also ready to start working on more guides (in-depth and quick-look) so players can get right to learning the good stuff!

Thanks for stopping by. See you online!